1. Read the article “Take This McJob” and then read th

1. Read the article, “Take This McJob,” and then read the article“In Defense of the McJob.”• Which side of the argument do you align with, and why?You can also share your personal experience if you have held a “McJob” , or know people who have help this type of job before.You can also do additional research, and think of examples of McJobs outside of the fast-food industry.• Do you think the McDonald’s video initiative can change how people think about work at McDonald’s or similar places? How so, or why not?2. I feel pretty confident that most experiences that alter tend to have unintended consequences. Have you seen any in education? Explain3. Do you think there is a possibility that we can become complacent with our critical thinking skills and reley too much on the material to guide and direct us to a predictable outcome.


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