1. Read the following 3 articles on responding to student wo

1. Read the following 3 articles on responding to student work:Do They Hear You.pdfHow I Learned to Be Strategic about Writing Comments.pdfTeaching Specific Revision Suggestions.pdf2. Read Chs. 8 and 9 in Building Academic Language and Ch. 21 in How to Reach and Teach English Language Learners.3. Prepare a 2-3 page written response based on the following considerations:Read through the student work samples given to you for your edTPA Task 3 practice assignment. Think about the kind of written feedback that will be appropriate for these papers. In your written response,Make some connections between the readings for this week and the student papers and assessment criteria you have been given for the Task 3 Work Sample Analysis assignment. What do these readings suggest as meaningful ways to provide feedback for this kind of student work?Consider a positive experience of receiving feedback on your own work, 7th grade through now. Describe why that was a positive, helpful experience. What did the instructor do to help you understand the content and improve in your work?


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