1.This report is written individual by each student in the g

1.This report is written individual by each student in the group and submitted for an individual grade.Describe the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of your team by comparing and contrasting your team’s performance with the characteristics of effective teams and team members (See textbook for characteristics.) Also describe the interactions of your group using the stages of group development (forming, storming, norming, performing). To help illustrate your points you may wish to compare your team’s performance with experiences you have had being a member of other groups. Offer suggestions for improving your team’s performance. Include an assessment of your own strengths and weaknesses in terms of teamwork, and describe any improvement in skills you may have experienced this semester or that you need to work on in the future.2.As the Instructor, I will evaluate your class and team participation. You will be awarded up to 10 points.I will also give each of you individualized feedback on your group work skills.This Assignment box has been created in order for Blackboard to create a column for participation points in the Grade Center.( Iup Members Brandon Abdulrahman Khalid ( i am the writter) Mohammed Caitlyn Please do them seprate file and provide me as soon as you can before you checked them thanksThe attachment is what i write about the topic paper, i need just you do the report of it


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