1. What is the study about? 2. Who conducted the study? 3. W

1. What is the study about? 2. Who conducted the study? 3. What gaps were missing in the available research that led to this study being conducted? 4. Where was the study conducted? 5. Who participated in the study? 6. What type of study was it? Was it a case study, survey research, a naturalistic observation, or a laboratory study? 6. What was the independent variable in the study? Did the study have an experimental and control group? If so, did the study use random assignment to assign participants to the experimental and control groups? 7. What was the dependent variable in the study? 8. What were the results of the study? Did the independent variable have an effect on the dependent variable? 9. What are the limitations of this study? Why can’t we 100% trust the findings or results from this study? Give some reasons.


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