1. Which of the following events would be considered depend

1. Which of the following events would be considered dependent events?a. It rains in Seattle and it does not rain in New York City.b. Sandra rolls a die four times.c. Stephanie chooses an outfit to wear out of four shirts and three pairs of pants. d. After Kevin picks a popsicle flavor out of a box, Rachel picks a popsicle flavor.2. Which of the following events would be considered independent events?a. Two cards are randomly picked from a standard deck of cards.b. Carlos has math, chemistry, and English homework. He chooses what order to do the homework in.c. A student answers five multiple-choice questions with A, B, C, or Dd. A group of people choosing what food to eat at a buffet restaurant.3. Darienis buying flowers for his mother on mothers day. He has choice betweenwhite roses, red roses, or yellow roses and a choice between whitedaisies,pink daisies, or yellow daisies. How many different combinationsof flowers can he buy.a. 6b. 9c. 15d. 544. In how many ways can a casting director choose a male and female lead from six female actresses and three male actors?a. 18b. 9c. 362880d. 725. Brandon gave Jennifer hisphone number, but Jennifer forgot the last three digits of the number.She knows the last digit is definitely not a 7. The first seven digitsare shown below.823-555-2_ _ _How many different telephone numbers are possible using the information she knows?a. 3b.30c. 900d. 10006. Eight performers areparticipating in open mic night at a restaurant. How many different waysare there to schedule their appearances?a. 8b. 36c. 8,064 d. 40,3207. How many different 5-digit codes are possible using a keypad with 10 digits where no digit may be used more than once?a. 50b. 100,000c. 30,240d. 3,628,8008. Acamp counselor and 5 campers are sitting at a picnic table. Thecounselor must sit in the middle and one camper who tends to starttrouble must sit to her immediate right. How many different ways arethere for the rest of the campers to be seated?a. 5040b. 720c. 120d. 249. A restaurant offers the following lunch menu options. Customers are allowed to pick one item from each of the four categories.Main CourseVegetablesBeveragesDessertsHamChickenFishBeefGreen beansBroccoliMixed VeggiesPotatoesCoffeeTeaMilkJuiceCakePieIce CreamHow many different combinations could customers use for their meal?a. 15b. 192c. 4d. 14410. Cammieis choosing an outfit to wear to school. She has a choice between ablue shirt, a red shirt, or a green shirt. She can wear a pair of jeansor a skirt. Which of the following tree diagrams best represents thenumber of outfit choices she has.A.B.C.D.


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