after read the book and write as following steps do not ju

after read the book and write as following steps, do not just answer the questions.What roles did everyday people play in advancing the Civil Rights movement? Give examples of two methods of resistance or protest discussed in McGuire’s book. Do you think these methods were ultimately successful in the short or long term and why or why not?need 3 pages.double space/MLA formatyou have to read the book and power point i give to you, do not only read the summary from the is my last paper which only get a 7 in total. the average scores is 8.5ill give you the comment from my professor, hope you can avoid the mistakes such that questions you have to answer all of them by reading the book carefully. do not just use you knowledge and read the summary of the text to answer the questions. you have to use the example from the is the comments, You started your essay strongly, presenting a compelling thesis statement. You could have had more linguistic clarity, and depth in your argument, especially since you did not fill the requirement of 3 full pages for this essay. To be clear, you mostly missed answering the question ‘What social or cultural changes came with changing economic conditions?’ Missing to answer a prompt question and making your essay too short got you a 7.please look at my paper and use same format and same level language to write this paper


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