After you watch the video respond to it by answering these

After you watch the video, respond to it by answering these questions: What is your initial reaction to the video?Do you agree or disagree with Robinson’s assessment of our education system?Can you relate to some of the education situations Robinson discusses? How so? Explain.After you respond to the video, respond to at least two of your classmates’ postsclassmates’ posts:1.My initial reaction of the video is random- I enjoy his humor. Because of his delivery, I kept watching. I went into this video already disagreeing with the topic. Robinson highlights a few of the most common examples such as, some teachers do not think ‘doodling’ helps kids focus or how the arts are addressed in school. I agree with Robinson’s approach about if we don’t recognize creativity when we are younger, we lose our creativity as we age. Schools do not teach dance like they do math because it is not seen as ‘important.’ What kids do in school is not always valued and that alone sets them up for disaster because they have no room to flourish. 2.I enjoyed how he used his humor to take the attention of the audience. I agree with him about that education systems in the world has the same hierarchy of subjects, I have lived in 3 countries so far and from my own experience I can say that the education systems around the world are almost the same but I kind of disagree with him because he generalized, there are some schools that promote creativity even in high school, I experienced that in a school in Argentina, the school promote arts with activities every week even the school have an art day and music day also a sport day, helping that every student can find where they enjoy more and like that continue developing their creativity and not leaving creativity just as a child thing.Short answer is ok, I dont need very long answer.


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