All references must be valid graduate level Academic referen

All references must be valid graduate level Academic references. OV score less than 24%. Double space 3 or more APA references Proper citations in paper or powerpoint. Assignment below: option 1: 10–12 PowerPoint slides with 200–250 words of speaker notes per slide OR option 2: 2000 word APA formatted paper NOTE: ALL WRITING IN THIS COURSE REQUIRE VALID GRADUATE LEVEL ACADEMIC REFERENCES—NO EXCEPTIONS!! One of the most difficult tasks that leaders can face is initiating organizational change. As a leader, you need to be sensitive to the ever-changing internal climate and external environment. For example, changes in the market, products, and competition may all be factors that lead to a need for change. Applying organizational development (OD) techniques to management problems is an essential skill because the primary task of leadership is to manage change; however, before a change can be implemented, the organization must anticipate the need. To date, the executive team has been reactive to the situations affecting their department and is unfamiliar with a systems approach to OD. Based on what you already know about the climate and external factors affecting Heavy WorX, what conditions or organizational needs exist that may provide the impetus for a large-scale organizational development or planned change program? Develop a PowerPoint presentation (or research paper) to illustrate to the executive leadership team some potential problems at Heavy WorX that could be changed using OD principles. NOTE: either option requires valid graduate level academic references this means no Mindtools; Wikipedia; Investopedia; or other generic website materials Define and describe what it means to use a systems-based approach to change, such as social-technical systems theory, and discuss the benefits of such an approach. What OD steps or planned change models would you follow at Heavy WorX? How will you modify these steps or phases to tailor them to the specific needs of Heavy WorX? Use can use either option just pick one of them


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