All the Questions need to be answer in 2 to 3 lines because

All the Questions need to be answer in 2 to 3 lines because I need short and to the point answers. 1)How tolerant are you of other religions and their practice?2)How tolerant are Americans?3)How tolerant are fellow Muslims?4)What would you suggest to make all ore tolerant of other people’s beliefs?5)In Christianity, there is the Old Testament and the New Testament: Is God always evolving?6)How much do you count on God or Allah intervening in your life?7)Provide two questions you want to ask about Christianity?8)What is something new or interesting that you learned about with Buddhism?9)Is it possible to find outer peace by controlling your inner thoughts?10)How much do you meditate? Is this something you do regularly?11)What is the most interesting part of the Jewish faith?12)How is having an “afterlife” important to religion? How is it unimportant?13)In what ways are Jews similar to Muslims? In what ways are they very different?14)Confucianism believes that all people are inherently good: Is this true? What makes people evil?15)How important are family relationships to you?16)Confucianism and other Eastern religions focus in the internal over the external. What are the benefits of this type of religion? What are the drawbacks?17)What is the biggest misunderstanding about Islam in America? How can we correct this?18)How is Islam like Christianity? How is it different? Are they Compatible?


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