answer each question at least 3 SENTENCES 1-How did Herbert

answer each question at least 3 SENTENCES 1-How did Herbert Hoover believe the economic crisis needed to be solved?2-Explain how Hoover’s belief in ‘self-reliance’ affected his policies.3-What was the Hawley-Smoot Tariff, and how did it affect the international economy?4- Why were England and France hit less hard by the Depression than Germany was? Give specifics.5-What was the New Deal? (FYI: We’ll be looking at this in more detail next time.)6-Describe the physical impact of the Depression on Americans.7-Describe its emotional impact.8- Why was the psychological trauma often harder on men than on women?9- How did the roles of children and parents sometimes become reversed?10- How were minority populations often treated at this time?11- Who were the ‘Okies’?12 -What impact did the Depression and the programs of the New Deal have on the relationship between Americans and the government? Give specific examples


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