APA formatFor this assignment construct an op-ed using a Bib

APA formatFor this assignment construct an op-ed using a Biblical perspective on how to locate and assess beauty (how to identify, evaluate and guard). Feel free to focus your discussions on a specific contemporary issue or form of communication (art, film, theatre, etc.). This is a good time to evaluate the feedback you received from your instructor for your first and second op-ed, you could also review the good guidelines from the Harvard Kennedy School on how to write a successful op-ed. A successful op-ed will contain the following elements:Be between 550 and 750 words long. Be clear in formulation and persuasive in rhetoric. Has a clearly defined point of view. Exhibit a clear and logical argument. Engages with contemporary culture. Show strong evidence of a fully developed Biblical worldview.Do not hesitate to reach out to your instructor if you require additional coaching or guidance.


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