ASCI 315May 2015Research PaperIn Module 7 you will submit yo

ASCI 315May 2015Research PaperIn Module 7 you will submit your final research paper that will compare and contrast twodifferent types of platforms. A platform is a type of UAS, for example, compare and contrasta Predator B and the FireScout. The UAS you chose must be from two differentmanufactures. In your paper, you should discuss the type of system, capabilities, structure,limitations, payload, support equipment, and users. It is not enough to merely list what isthe same and what is different. Why is it important to see what is the same and what isdifferent? Compare and contrast essays promote critical thinking. Ensure you apply criticalthinking, do not just list or discuss two separate UAS. Compare and Contrast both UAStogether, throughout the whole paper.The research paper is a minimum of 5 pages and a max of 10 pages in APA format.The title page, abstract, and reference page do not count for the 5-10 pages. Identifyand cite a minimum of four references and add to the References section at the end ofthe paper.Note: Your paper will be submitted through a plagiarism detection tool. Submitting thesame paper to more than one course is considered self-plagiarism and will result in a failing


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