Assignment # 1 Article Critique – Flint Michigan Water Cr

Assignment # 1: Article Critique – Flint Michigan Water Crisis (10 points): Write up will include:• Typed, double-spaced, one-inch margins, Times New Roman 12 pt font; Use Microsoft Word• Length: 2 pages• Paper must include but not limited to 2 references• Reference ALL sources used in your paper (APA style)• It is recommended that you take your paper to the Writing CenterState in your own words:• The background of the Flint Michigan Water Crisis; describe the short and long term environmentalimpacts as a result of this crisis; and identify at least two health risks associated with this crisis• Identify a population who you think is unfairly treated through this event; explain why it is unfair• Describe what is currently being done to abate the problem• Identify the research and policy implications of this article and propose any new recommendations forsolving the problem• Ensure writing has appropriate word usage, sentence structure, and minimal spelling and grammaticalerrors• Check last page of syllabus for due date and time• NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS ACCEPTED


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