Assignment 1 – Skill Development-Improving Attitudes (from

Assignment 1 – Skill Development-Improving Attitudes, (from Chapter 2)You should have read and now understand attitudes and personality traits. Effective leaders know themselves and work to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. As the name of this exercise implies, you can improve your attitudes and personality traits through this exercise by following these steps.1. Identify strengths and weaknesses. Review the six self-assessment exercises in this chapter. List your three major strengths and areas that can be improved:Strengths:1.2.3.Areas to improve:1.2.3.We don’t always see ourselves as others do. Research has shown that many people are not accurate in describing their own personalities, and that others can describe them more objectively. Before completing this exercise, you may want to ask someone you know well to: 1) complete your personality profile (see Self-Assessment 1 on page 32), 2) rate your attitude as positive or negative, and 3) list your strengths and areas for improvement.2. Develop a plan for improving. Start with your Number One area to improve. Write down specific things that you can do to improve. List specific times, dates, and places that you will implement your plans.


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