Assignment 3 Group Report Making recommendations (applyin

Assignment 3: Group Report : Making recommendations (applying)Weighting: Report 30%Maximum word count for group report: 5,000 wordsPurpose of the assignment: In your group, you are required to write a business report for the partner organisation that addresses the brief provided at the start of the semester. This piece of assessment is designed to assess your skills of critical review, analysis, consolidation, synthesis and presentation of knowledge in a format that is appropriate for submission to senior management for consideration. Requirements of the assignment: Your group will be required to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the relevant theory and application of that theory in a way that creates a business report that the partner organisation can act upon. You will also be required to create and present a poster of your findings.The group report: Negotiate with your group mates to reach a common understanding of the management challenge. Re-state the problem in the context of your chosen management perspective as a research question.You may have to do some research on ‘how best to formulate a research question.’You may wish to continue to conduct industry and company research involving critically analysing and synthesising business information. (CLO3)Your information should be both broad and deep. Once you have collected the information, you have to critically analyse it. Make recommendations to management about how to solve the management challenge that have a sound, contemporary theoretical and empirical basis.These conclusions and recommendations should be supported by evidence.The recommendations should include an implementation planThe recommendations should also identify risks associated with adoptionThe recommendations should also identify an evaluation plan of your solution.Write a report justifying why your research approach to solving the management challenge should be adopted. Use a business report format.Appendix: As a group, write a 500 word response to the feedback you received in your first two assignments and what you did in reaction to that feedback to develop your group assignment (this does not count towards your total word count).I have attached 2 ‘assignment 2’ from which would be useful in assignment 3, but the result is just 10/20


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