Assignment DescriptionYou will develop an annotated bibliog

Assignment DescriptionYou will develop an annotated bibliography of appropriate data-driven peer-reviewed journal articles for an instructor-approved topic in the area of educational foundations. You will collect 15 peer-reviewed journal articles containing primary research that directly contribute to your understanding of the approved topic. This assignment is to be considered a first step in a literature review.Specific GuidelinesYour selected topic of interest (a foundational topic in education) must be identified to the course instructor and approved before gathering sources. The topic may be as general as something like “Discipline in K–12 Schools” or “Teacher Education.” The instructor will respond with approval and/or feedback to your proposed topic in the form of a reply to Part 2 of your thread for Discussion Board Forum 1. Be sure the topic is broad enough to find plenty of quality resources.Avoid searching for articles using generic search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. The 15 sources must be data-driven research journal articles that contain traditional aspects of research: research questions, methods, findings, discussion, etc. Do not use sources that are summaries of research, book reviews, editorials, etc. Each journal article citation will be accompanied by a substantive summary of 150-200 words, describing the article’s methods, findings, and a general description of its relevance to your topic. This assignment will be submitted via the SafeAssign plagiarism tool, so be careful to summarize the material using your own words. It is strongly suggested that you review the SafeAssign report that is generated. Do not copy the abstract of the articles, as this will be considered plagiarism.For your assignment, provide title, abstract, and reference pages (see the Bibliography Assignment Sample document in Blackboard). The abstract must be a 100–120-word summary of the overall results of your research regarding your topic.The final product must comply with current APA format requirements and must be submitted to Blackboard in a Microsoft Word document. The paper must be between 2,500 and 3,000 words.


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