Assignment discussion should be 4-5 pages total plus title a

Assignment discussion should be 4-5 pages total plus title and reference pagesBeverly is a 21-year-old, Hispanic-American female who was referred by the courts for a recent DUI. She presents as an energetic young woman, with difficulty sitting still, eyes darting around the room nervously. When asked about the circumstances of the DUI, Beverly tells you, “How ridiculous. Now that I am legally able to drink, it was just a fluke that I got caught. I can stop anytime I want. I just like to party, smoke a little weed, do a line now and then and enjoy the good life”. During your psychosocial assessment, Beverly discloses that she is currently involved in a tumultuous relationship with a man she has been dating for 2 years. She says, “he’s okay but he gets very jealous when I flirt, and pushes me around a bit. But I like when guys pay attention to me, so I try to hide it from him.” She tells you that when she was growing up, sexuality was, ”open and explicit, if you know what I mean”. When asked if she ever experienced trauma or abuse as a child, Beverly paled and asked, “do we have to talk about that? I’m not here to be psychoanalyzed. I just want to beat this legal rap”. Question One: Considering the information the DSM-5, briefly formulate a provisional diagnostic impression of Beverly. What further information might you look for and why? Question Two: Create a brief initial treatment plan for Beverly. What treatment approaches would you consider, that support your findings in Question One.Also incorporate any substance abuse diagnosis


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