Assignment Question.In his April 20 1964 statement from the

Assignment Question.In his April 20, 1964 statement from the dock at the Rivonia Trial, Nelson Mandela skillfully put apartheid on trial by highlighting the contradictions of the state regarding violence and terror. Also he pointedly took aim at “white supremacy” that shores up “white privilege.” Because as he states, “white supremacy” implies black inferiority” (p.16), analyze the extent to which racism explains(a) the experiences of Emperor Haile Selassie at the League of Nation; (b) Patrice Lumumba and Congo at the hands of Belgium; (c) Kwame Nkrumah’s plea for African unity at the first OAU conference; and (d) Winnie Mandela’s banishment to Brandfort.Note that the question is not as simple as it seems. It does not imply that racism explains everything. Rather, it calls for a careful reading and a nuanced understanding of the four texts. Make sure you write logically and methodically. Back up all your claims, utilize page numbers to indicate where your supporting ideas are found.General Instructions:Carefully read and follow the instructions to avoid deduction of points.Assignment is due Sept 27. Bring your papers to classWrite 5 full pages; nothing less, more is fine. Essay begins on the first line of page 1 and ends on last line of page 5 or page 6. Your name and the question must be on the cover page NOT on the first page of the essay. List all the articles utilized on page 6, in alphabetical order, last name first. Do not use any materials other than the course readings.Formatting Instructions:Times New Roman, Font 12, Double-spaced, One inch (1”) margins all around, Paragraph indent = 0.5.” Spacing between paragraphs = 0.0.” Pages number should be at the bottom right of the page.


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