attached is the completed assignment about this topic but th

attached is the completed assignment about this topic but the conclusions needs to be change, here are the instructions Description: The conclusion of a research paper is a FORMAL and comprehensive discussion about the research findings and how it is relevant to both the scientific community and the general population. It also includes recommendations for further investigations and in this assignment legislative intervention. By including other events, policy and using your data a clear position on your proposed intervention is supported. It concludes with a summarize paragraph that links all concepts throughout the paper together in a compelling argument that is reinforced by the ample scientific evidence in your paper. Conclusion Page Requirement:3-6 pages Researchers Discuss and assign meaning to data as it relates to Laboratory/ field study findingsThe scientific community (this includes the medical field) The general public Include two current events related to your topic Topic 1Topic 2Legislative reform Introduce 1 policy change Background information for your audience to understand its link to the result’s meaning Include 2other beneficial outcomes beyond your findings that will most like occur to justify your position on policy changeJustification 1Justification 2Identify 1 special interest group that will lobby against your legislation and counter their position (this can be included as one the arguments you put forth supporting your position)Summary:Interconnect the environmental issue, policy changes, treatments and the health care crisis to support your positionOrganically explain how nursing/ the health care field is directly affected by the statusof the environmentand policy Concludes with a compelling statement that stresses the importance of action by the congress


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