ATTENTION Please go through the slides of in the PPT file

ATTENTION: Please go through the slides of in the PPT file carefully. They contain the updated SQL statements which work for MySQL system. Those SQL statements given in the textbook work for Oracle only.Work with the CreatePVFCMySQL.sql database using MySQL Workbench. Complete the following questions:6-71. For each customer who had more than two orders, list the CustomerID and the total number of orders placed. 6-73 Which product is ordered the most?6-75. Display the territory ID and the number of salespersons in the territory for all territories that have more than one salesperson. Label the number of salespersons NumSalesPersons.Please submit a Word File by typing your SQL statements and pasting the query results from MySQL to the Word file. No point will be given to a question without showing its SQL query result.


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