based upon the experimental results for the experiment secti

based upon the experimental results for the experiment section when you mix iodine, copper(II) sulfate and sodium chloride in water and hexane. In your discussion you should make a conclusion and then explain how your experimental results and observations support your conclusion. The points below should help you identify the information you have available from this experiment to support your conclusion. Submit completed lab report by the due date. Be sure to include the following: Purpose. Based upon the introduction in your lab manual, what are you trying to find with your experiment? Claim. Based upon the purpose of your experiment, what claim can you make using your experimental evidence?Table(s) of your results for the experiment section. This should include your expected results and your experimental observations.Discussion of your results for the experiment section.i.Explain how the Lewis dot structures and molecular models are the basis for your claim.ii.Explain how your experiment results support your claims. iii.Explain discrepancies between expected and experimental resultsSupporting references. for Experiment 4:you should write specifically about all threeexperiments in Part 4. However, youshould use the information you learned in the previous parts of the laboratoryto support your claim. You shouldspecifically address which solvents (water and hexane) the three solutes(iodine, copper(II) sulfate and sodium chloride) are soluble in and why. Identify the types of intermolecular orattractive forces present in each mixture, relating the forces to thepolarities determined above.


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