BrIEFLY WRITE 650 words and Please I need the paper to be 0%

BrIEFLY WRITE 650 words and Please I need the paper to be 0% plagiarism apart from the references and title.please follow instructions and i need a brief introduction. Focusing on CSR(Corporate social responsibility) area of international Human Resource Management, analyse the issues faced by both MNCs and SMEs when operating in both of these two countries using (and critiquing) appropriate theories. Critically evaluate the key issues involved in managing and developing people across cultural boundaries in the context of globalisation, international mergers and alliances the general internationalisation of business Critically analyse the main theoretical contributions towards understanding different culture and national policies and their implications for international HRM practices Diagnose complex management and organisational problems relating to the management and development of people across different cultures Develop and apply courses of action as a means of competitive advantage by diagnosing complex organisational problems relating to the managing of people across different culture.


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