Case Study Please read the article that provided to you on P

Case Study Please read the article that provided to you on PDF (“Futbol Club Barcelona”) then Find information on your own you can apply into the analysis. Then answer these questions comprehensively and thoroughly 1. From the section titled “Soccer in Spain”, write a comprehensive overview of the Economic Structure of Football (Soccer) in Europe and the on-the-field and off-the field success of the two great Spanish soccer clubs, FC Barcelona and their rival, Real Madrid. 2. Describe and Discuss how the Structure of FC Barcelona differs from sports organizations in the USA, and especially how the idea of Members and Fans is different (or not) than what you are used to it in the USA. 3. FC Barcelona refers to itself as “More Than A Club”. Describe and discuss what this means (is FC Barcelona really any different than any other sports team) and tell me what you think they are trying to say when they state this (HOW are they different than other clubs). Discuss how this special concept of Barcelona FC is being used (or not) in developing a strategic marketing campaign. 4. Identify and describe the various revenue streams of FC Barcelona, especially the role of membership fees, match day income, broadcasting income, commercial revenues, digital revenues, and social media are sources of revenue. Please focus on the opportunity to grow revenues with social and digital media. 5. Describe the role of the Youth Training Academy in the economics of the club. Focus on describing the cost of maintaining the academy vs. the ways it may benefit the club economically. Discuss if you think funding the Academy is worth the cost or not, from a financial point of view. 6. Read in great detail the section titled “Turning to The Future.” Describe and discuss how you feel the Club is trying to maintain its values and traditions while dealing with the challenge of preparing for an uncertain future. Tell me what you think the Club is doing correctly (or not) in preparing for the future. 7. Identify another organization that you have worked for or would like to work with that is also trying to deal with balancing its historic vision, mission and purpose and trying to cope with future challenges. Identify what they are doing in this regard and compare it to what FC Barcelona is doing. Important information Please write down the questions before you answer to them. List your resources. You must find at least one outside article and incorporate it into your analysis in addition to the case you are reading. I will not ACCEPT the work if you do not do that Your response to these questions must be a minimum of 2 pages in length. No Max


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