Chapter 1 Globalization and International Business1.Define

Chapter 1: Globalization and International Business1.Define globalization and explain the forces driving globalization.2.Define globalization and explain the cost and future of globalization.3.What is global governance? Explain the role of each institution in Global Governance.4.What is Globalization Index? Explain the construct and methodology in evaluating the countries.Chapter 2: The Cultural Environments Facing BusinessDefine culture? Why an international business manager should study the culture of a country?Explain how the dynamic interplay of nation, language and religion shapes the culture of a country.Explain the six behavioral practices that affect the business in a country. I may ask you to explain any two or three of them.How can we deal with, adapt to, and influence foreign cultures? Explain. Explain the five cultural values of Hofstede. I may ask you to explain any two or three of them also.Chapter 3: The Political and Legal Environments Facing BusinessDefine political system and explain why a business manager should study the political system of a country.How does democracy differ from totalitarianism? Will the conduct of business be different in the two systems? How?Describe how the political ideologies are changing in the world. How a manager can adapt to such changes? What is political risk? How can we manage political risk?Discuss the Types Legal Systems and their implications in international business.Chapter 4: The Economic Environments Facing BusinessesDefine “economic freedom” and explain its implication in an economy.What are the three types of economic systems? What criteria can we use to evaluate them? Explain each system using the criteria discussed in class.Discuss the impact of “emerging nations” and explain how they will affect international business.Explain how we can evaluate an economy using traditional and nontraditional (broader) measures of economic performance.Explain the Balance of Payments account of a country with its four subheads. Why is it important to in international business manager? Chapter 5: International Trade and Factor-Mobility Theory1. Question can be asked to explain one or more theories of trade. For example…Explain Porter’s Diamond of International Competitiveness of Nations.Elaborate the trade theories of Smith, Ricardo and Heckscher-Ohlin and distinguish their differences.Explain International Product Life Cycle Theory (IPLC).2. Discuss the evolving pattern and future of “trade and factor mobility” in a globalized world.Chapter 6: Governmental Influence on TradeWhat is protectionism? What are the arguments for and against protectionism? I may ask you to explain any specific rationale (e.g., infant industry argument)How does governments intervene trade with the help of non-tariff barriers? Explain.What are the effects of subsidies (or quotas) on price, production, market, motivation and trade? Explain.What measures firms can take to deal with governmental intervention? Explain.Chapter: 7 Cross-National Cooperation and AgreementsDefine economic integration. What are the three approaches to integration? Explain.Define economic integration. Explain the static and dynamic effects of regional economic integration.Define economic integration. Explain the five different types of regional economic integration.How can we study regional groups? Specifically, explain the role of the matrix we discussed in class.What are the three approaches to integration? Discuss their future in a globalized world.Chapter 8: Global Foreign-Exchange MarketsWhat is a foreign exchange market? Explain the role each institution plays in the FX market.Why U.S. dollar is the most traded currency in the world?Define the following Global Over The Counter (OTC) Foreign Exchange Instruments: spot rate, forward rate, options, futures and swap.Define the following terms and distinguish their differences: bid, offer, spread, and cross rate.How does the fluctuation of exchange rate affect trade? For example, if Yen appreciates against Dollar, how will this affect U.S.-Japan trade? I can ask similar question with any currency.


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