Choose a state in the country Write a brief five-page report

Choose a state in the country Write a brief five-page report about the political and governmental system in that state. The report should briefly look at the following factorsA. Identify the governor of the state and the political party that he or she belongsB. How long has the person been a governor. C. The term of office. D. which which political party controls the executive and the legislative branches of the governmentE. The functioning of the executive branchF. How does the courts functionG. The type of taxes that are allowable in the state.H. Name of the senators and representatives representing the stateI. What party do they belong toTo write the report paper go to the library and obtain six sources to from journals to from books magazines newspaper and 2 from internet The Source must be related to the topic use the six sources as your references to write the paper this paper must be done in APA format.


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