CHOSEN TOPIC -World Anti Doping Agency 2016Part 1 Document

CHOSEN TOPIC -World Anti Doping Agency, 2016Part 1: Document your Hack within a briefing paper. Include: the event, the technical details of the incident*, impact to the organization, any regulations/policies/or political discussions that may have been generated as a result, and lastly, if you were the organization Chief Information System Officer (CISO), what new safeguards would you implement to prevent this from occurring again in the futurePart 2: Prepare a PowerPoint briefing of your briefMost articles will provide a higher level overview of the technical details of the event. This briefing should include deeper technical research and understanding. There might be a scenario where you will most likely have to speculate on how the attack/incident/event actually occurred to provide the deeper technical details. Document your findings within this professional. Submit only your paper for grading.


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