Complete the Web Resource activities in this unit. Then ass

Complete the Web Resource activities in this unit. Then, assess your understanding of Units 1–3 by answering the questions in both parts of the following Assignment.Be sure to refer to the course rubric before submitting this assignment.Part 1: What were the results of your MBTI assessment? Do you agree with these results? Why or why not? Explain how the MBTI assessments relate to Jung’s theory of personality development. Discuss how this information will enable you to be successful as a counselor. Would you use this assessment tool with your clients? If not, why?This section of the project should be 2–3 pages in length.Part 2: Develop a treatment plan, based on Adler’s personality theory, for a child who has come into your office due to acting out in the home. The child is disobeying, having temper tantrums, and hitting their siblings. Incorporate the Adlerian concept of birth order into your treatment plan, which should include two Adlerian techniques.This section of the project should be 2–3 pages in length.You are required to use appropriate APA citations as well as the APA format. It is also required that you use headings for these parts instead of typing the actual questions. For example, you could use “Myers-Briggs Assessment” for part 1 and “Treatment Plan based on Adler’s Theory” for part 2.WEB RESOURCES:Myer-Briggs Type Indicator: (MBTI)Human Metrics. (n.d.) Identify Your Type with Jung Typology Test. Retrieved from of Service. (n.d.) Self Monitoring: Do you Censor What You Say? Retrieved from Stages of Adlerian TherapyAdler’s Birth Chart : (2088, Aug 25). Erikson’s Stages of Development – How to Memorize Them Once and For All. [Video file]. Retrieved from: S. Friedman and Miriam W. Schustack . (2012). Personality: Classic Theories and Modern Research . 5th Edition. Pearson.


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