Completed Unit 5 1.) Select three certifications and discuss

Completed Unit 5 1.) Select three certifications and discuss the type of individual who may be interested in pursuing each one. 2.) Describe the typical duties of a security manager that are strictly managerial and not technical in nature. 3.) Describe the three categories of information security professionals. 4.) Describe the role of due care and due diligence in terms of their role in reducing liability exposure. Requirements: – Learner successfully applied critical thinking to the case study analysis & recommendations/actions taken. – Learner successfully incorporates a minimum of two per question scholarly sources to support their position. (No more than 10% of the entire submission should be from referenced sources. In other words, the references should support the learner’s work not be the bulk of what is written). – Learner met the criteria for academic writing (i.e. no spelling or grammar errors, properly formatted paragraphs, APA formatting used for references, etc.). – Learner met per question 300 word count minimum. One reference can be the reading material that is provided. Whitman, M. E., & Mattord, H. J. (2013). Management of information security (4th ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning. Please seperate the answers like the questions and place the reference at the end of them.


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