Cook County Jail’s Garden Harvest Fest User n/a – Added 9/

Cook County Jail’s Garden Harvest Fest User: n/a – Added: 9/23/10 YouTube URL: visiting the website video, Cook County Jail’s Garden Harvest Fest, allow these questions to direct your thoughts.How appropriate was this site and it’s material to understanding of the main concepts of work alternative programs available at the county jail level?What part of the website/video interested you the most or least? And why?After watching this video on the Cook County Jail Garden Harvest Fest, do you think programs such as these are really beneficial to a person’s rehabilitation and re-entry into society?around 200 wordsOne comment can be self-generated regarding the website, while the other must be in response to another student’s is the other comment i need to respond,i agree with him around 75 words: ‘The video did an adequate job at describing work alternative programs at the county jail level, even though it only focused on one program at one specific jail. The part that interested me the most about the video is how these stereotypical ‘hard’ inmates seemed to be able to find some peace and serenity in the garden area, while learning a few skills along the way. The inmates seemed to genuinely enjoy the program, and to top it off they received an actual certificate from the University of Illinois. I think that sense of accomplishment is huge for inmates to give them a positive confidence boost upon release. I also found it extremely interesting that a local restaurant owner actually uses the crops the inmates produced at his locations.After watching the video, I think programs like these are absolutely valuable in an inmates rehabilitation process, and should be available in varying degrees across all county jails. This program clearly helped the men involved find an activity that made them feel connected to something spiritual and not like a hardened criminal, which is a feeling and attitude that I feel leads to recidivism more than anything else.’


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