Course Project Part 3 Articles Critique InstructionsYou are

Course Project Part 3: Articles Critique InstructionsYou are required to submit 2 critiques of 1,000–1,250 words (not including title, abstract, and reference pages) of articles related to your problem identified in Module/Week 2 and research questions written in Module/Week 3. One critique must be quantitative and one article critique must be quantitative. The 2 article critiques must be written in current APA format, including a title, abstract, reference pages, and include 2 Level 1 headings (Background of the Study and the Critique of the Study) and incorporate a minimum of 2 scholarly citations.Include the following elements in your 2 critiques:Background of the Study1.Description of the research question, including the importance of the question, and a brief background of the problem.2.Description of how the researchers attempted to answer the question. Methodology Population studied Unique features of the study 3.Description of the research findings.Critique of the Study Do you have confidence in the researcher findings? (i.e., Were there flaws in the study design, questions, etc.?) Does the study give an explanation to other people that were not the subject of the research? What does the study mean in the big picture and how does the study apply to your own research question/topic? What ways could your biblical worldview fit into the contents of the article? Format the critiques in current APA format and see the grading rubric for specific grading criteria.


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