Create a research proposal on the topic you selected last mo

Create a research proposal on the topic you selected last module as a Word attachment. Your research proposal will outline a plan for your final argumentative research essay, and should reflect the work done previously on developing your topic and thesis statement. Your research proposal will be two to three pages long, and you must use the following format:NAME:THESIS:BACKGROUND:OBJECTIVE:SUPPORTING POINTS:1. a b c2. a b c3. a b cCOUNTER-ARGUMENTS:1.2.3.RESPONSE TO COUNTER-ARGUMENTS:1.2.3.IMPLICATIONS:TENTATIVE BIBLIOGRAPHY:Prior to posting your research proposal to the Dropbox, review your work and ensure that you’ve met all of the major points outlined in this module’s lecture, “The Research Proposal Format.” Also, utilize the “Example Research Proposal” and the grading rubric below to check your own work prior to submitting.


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