Customer Service and Organizational CultureAn organization’s

Customer Service and Organizational CultureAn organization’s service culture is made up of many facets, each of which affects the customer and helps determine the success or failure of customer service initiatives.Log on to the Internet and research the mission statements of the following five organizations:U.S. Department of EducationUSAA Educational FoundationEnterprise Rent-a-CarStarbucks CoffeeFlorida Hospital.Locate the information by going to available search engines and typing in the name of the organization, then searching its site for ‘mission statement.’As you view each organizational mission statement, answer the following questions:Are their shared values and beliefs evident in the different mission statements? If so, what are they?As a customer/client, do you feel that the organization values you? Why or why not?Does the focus of each mission statement seem to differ between types of organizations (e.g., government, nonprofit, not-for-profit, and for profit)? Why or why not?If you were writing each mission statement, what would you add or delete?Provide a minimum of a one page summary of the answers to the above questions. Using MS Word or another word processing program (the file should be saved as a ‘docx’ format), set up your summary with the following format:Top margin, first page: 2 inches.Left, right, bottom, and top margins on the second and succeeding pages, 1 inch.At the top right, put your name, your course number and section, and assignment title.Single space the paragraphs with a double space between paragraphs.The paper should be at least one and no more than two pages.**Very important! – must be written in own words.**


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