Deliverable length for this assignment is 3-4 pages in lengt

Deliverable length for this assignment is 3-4 pages in length. Must be in APA format, proofread, references, and citations.Your agency has received a complaint regarding an online stock broker. Mary Jones said that she invested money with the Online, an online stock brokerage firm. She said that she has not received any statements from the brokerage firm or any confirmations of her purchase transactions either online or in the mail. She has sent several requests via mail and telephone and now wonders if she is a victim of a scam.Prepare a report on this situation which includes response to the following items:What steps would you take to arrange and carry out this interview?What types of information would you obtain from her?Discuss the methods that could be employed to identify victims who have not yet complained.Student may discuss and prepare an example of an investigative questionnaire to use in the collection of information from other potential victims.Grading GuidelinesContent: Include extent and depth of research 60%–70%Writing and presentation: Mechanics/organization 30%–40%Total 100%Please submit your assignment.


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