Demonstrate what you have learned about data analysis using

Demonstrate what you have learned about data analysis, using Inferential Statistics such as Confidence Intervals or Hypothesis Testing. Explain here what you have learned through the past few weeks through the assignments?Purpose of AssignmentThis assignment provides students with practice in understanding how to develop a hypothesis and interpret its findings. Students will learn to implement the use of these statistical measures for better business decision-making. Use the same business problem/opportunity and research variable(s) you wrote about in Week 3.Develop a 450 word report in which you:Discuss progress on the research project from previous weeks and conduct the current week analysis to help you answer your research question. Demonstrate what you have learned about data analysis, applying inferential statistics such as Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing.This week assignment is much harder for me to do with this group. Need it in APA format with reference. Try to put into own words as much as you can. The instructor want much more on what we have learned about Statistics in our group assignment on Real Estate Data set.


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