DirectionsUsing the case study below information from lect

Directions:Using the case study below, information from lectures, and your assigned readings on intellectual disabilities and communication disorders, complete the following prompts. Please limit your response to a maximum of two double-spaced pages, using 12pt font. You may receive up to 10pt extra credit on this assignment. The assignment will be scored using the rubric on Canvas. Case Study: Anthony is an 11th-grade student with a moderate intellectual disability and a secondary language disorder. He is enrolled in a program with a focus on post-secondary transition. The program focuses on learning important skills finding a job, getting hired, and being successful at the job. Anthony will be enrolled in this program until he turns 21. Currently he spends part of the day in special education classes where he receives direct instruction in the area of speech and language, part of the day in general education classes such as culinary arts class, and part of the day in a vocational program where he is currently learning computer skills. Anthony has received speech-language services since he was three years old, but these services and the focus on skills has changed throughout his school career. When he was younger, his speech-language therapist emphasized proper use of his lips and tongue to accurately produce sounds and improve articulation. Gradually, emphasis shifted to language skills such as vocabulary development and producing complete sentences. The focus now is on assisting Anthony to initiate conversations, respond to questions, and to understand social communication that he may encounter in a work place or with his peers. Another priority is making sure that Anthony appropriately ends a conversation before walking away. Anthony’s speech-language therapist consults with the school staff and his parents so that they also emphasize these skills across settings. Anthony is preparing to transition from school into a job setting where communication will be essential for his success. He is interested in working in settings where he can be social and assist costumers or residents, such as a grocery store or community center.Prompts:What speech and language skills is Anthony most likely to need for post-secondary success?What considerations should the school staff make when supporting Anthony’s social use of language?Given Anthony’s speech and language needs, what are the relative advantages and disadvantages of having Anthony spend part of his days in general education settings with his same-aged peers and part of the day in a special education setting?


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