Effective Fundraising ApproachesThere are many fundraising a

Effective Fundraising ApproachesThere are many fundraising approaches to choose from to encourage donors to financially contribute to an organization. As an administrator, you want to carefully align fundraising approaches with your organization’s philosophy, vision, mission, and goals. For this Discussion, you will research either a for-profit or nonprofit early childhood organization and answer all of the questions listed below. (Suggestions- start by searching “early childhood nonprofit”)Provide the title and web link of the organization and briefly describe their philosophy, vision, mission, and goals (this can usually be found in the “About” section).What types of fundraising approaches/events is the organization currently using? How do these approaches align with the organization’s philosophy, vision, mission, and goals? (You may have to browse the site, but often this might be listed under “Events” or “News”)Based on what you learned about this organization, what type of person-to-person fundraising approaches would be most appropriate? Which of these would you be most comfortable doing? Which approaches would you find challenging?What are the advantages/disadvantages of the different events?


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