Essay 1 Assignment Rhetorical Analysis (English 103)Guideli

Essay 1 Assignment: Rhetorical Analysis (English 103)Guidelines:Page length: 4-5 pagesFormat: MLA and Works CitedRough Draft Due: Monday September 18th (printed out in class for Peer Review, worth 20 points)Final Draft due: Friday, September 22nd on by 11:59pmYou are required to receive tutoring and show proof (anywhere you go on campus) by Wednesday September 20th.Purpose: To analyze the function of “Point of View” (First-Person, Second-Person and Third Person) in the narratives of 2 distinct authors from 2 time periods.Prompt: Compare and contrast the use of “Point of View” by examining “Learning to Read” by Fredrick Douglass and “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” by Gloria Anzaldua. Your analysis should answer: How does the First Person Point of View impact Douglass and Anzaldua’s argument.Food for thought: Both authors use the first person point of view but each one has a different impact on the reader/s and/or intended audiences. What is it?You may use 1st person point of view in your introduction to set up your interpretation of the texts. For example, if you have a hard time using first person point of view yourself, you may begin your essay by explaining why and the impact it may have on your writing and then transition to the close reading and analysis of the two texts.


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