Evaluate a real-world ethical dilemma from the perspective

Evaluate a real-world ethical dilemma from the perspective of the heathcare/hospital administrator. You will use your skills and knowledge of ethics and health law as well as role playing to create a postmortem evaluation plan for prevention of future situations to present to your Senior Leadership team and the Board of Governors. A postmortem analysis is performed after the fact to evaluate the situation and identify a plan for prevention of future incidents.Choose one of the cases on end-of-life on pages 294-298 in Contemporary Issues in Healthcare Law and Ethics.Create a 15-17 slide presentation (using PowerPoint or a similar application) evaluating this case and providing recommendations of this case. Your presentation should address the following substantive requirements:Description of what occurred, who was affected, and rationaleAssessment of the case from the following perspectives:Ethical – describe the ethical principles involved and expectations for all involved.Legal – define and argue the legal implications for each party. Explain health laws involved and the influence of the legal environment at the time of this case.Regulatory compliance – examine regulatory standards and compliance involved.Health reform – illustrate how this case and your role as administrator are different now due to changes in health law and expectations from health reform.Recommendations – argue at least three recommendations for the current and future prevention of this type of situation in your facility.Action plan for prevention – create an action plan for prevention explaining how you would implement these recommendations.Your presentation should meet the following structural requirements:Be 15- 17 slides in length, not including the cover or reference slides.Be formatted according to the APA Requirements.Provide support for your statements with in-text citations from a minimum of ten (10) scholarly articles. Use correct terminology pertaining to the law and ethics.Utilize the following headings to organize the content in your work.Introduction and DescriptionAssessmentRecommendationsAction Plan for PreventionConclusion


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