Final ProjectInstructional Design PlanYour Final Project is

Final ProjectInstructional Design PlanYour Final Project is due in Week Four to give you time to reflect on the instructor’s feedback during Week Five. Your Final Project will include eight parts:Definition of instructional designDescription of an instructional need or problem (Week 2)Needs analysis (Week 2)Task analysis (Week 2)Learner analysis (Week 2)Description of learning goals and objectives (Week 3)Instructional strategies (Week 3)Formative assessment plan (Week 4) (Will be uploaded once I receive it)Each element should include revisions based on peer and instructor feedback from discussions and assignments.The format of the Final Project can be in any format (see below for some examples); be creative, as long as each of the required elements is included. If you choose a format hosted on the internet, submit a Word document with the link to the project. Ensure that the project is publicly available or provide the required access information.Below are the minimum lengths for different format types. If your preferred format type is not listed, please ask your instructor for minimum expectations.Narrated presentation: five minutesVideo: five minutesSlide presentation (without audio): fifteen slidesWritten manuscript: ten pagesThe project should include at least three references to scholarly sources that supported your work. If you choose to submit a written manuscript, the document must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center, and it must include title and reference pages. Other formats should include APA-formatted citations as appropriate within the text and a reference list at the end. Please ask your instructor if you need additional guidance about how to incorporate sources into your project.Note that you will also be required to post your project (or information on how to access your project on the internet) in the Week Five discussion area.


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