follow instructions below Business communication involves co

follow instructions below Business communication involves communicating and working face-to-face with diverse internal and external stakeholders. Students will prepare a written report about lessons learned about cross-cultural communication and interactions based on face-to-face interviews with at least three business and/or professional individuals with different ethnic and/or cultural backgrounds. The report will be based on interview findings and self-observation when conducting the interviews integrated with information found in the text, through research and from preparing other class assignments. The purpose of the report is to learn about students’ own concerns, issues, strengths and weaknesses communicating and working with diverse individuals, concerns and issues of diverse business people, and applying recommended cross-cultural communication and interaction practices. The report will include interview questions, each interviewee’s business and/or profession, and each interviewee’s self-identified ethnic and/or cultural background. At least three pertinent and current (five years or less) references must be used to support students’ own original analysis and properly cited adhering to APA format. Report content length: 1,700– 2,500 words. The instructor will provide additional guidance about interview questions, arranging and conducting the interviews and the written report.Components% of GradeAwareness of purpose and audience15%Logical Organization10%Interviews and Lessons Learned35%Integration of course concepts and research information10%Writing mechanics10%Report format10%Research and References10%TOTAL100%


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