For Milestone Two you will submit a survey of questions de

For Milestone Two, you will submit a survey of questions designed to measure the consumer’s evaluation of the importance of each determinant attribute. (See Appendix B of the Final Project Document for an example.) Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed:1. Determinant Attributes and Questions:This section should ask survey participants to rate the importance of each determinant attribute, on a scale of -3 to +3, when choosing a product fromthe product category. Provide alist of questions asking participants to rate each determinant attribute for each brand within the product category. These questions require consumers to express their beliefs about the determinant attributes of each product being studied. A scale from +3 (very likely) to -3 (very unlikely) is used.2. Research Outline: Explain the research plan, determination of research goals and objectives, and a project timeline for execution.3. Consumer Behaviors:Describe the consumer behaviors that the research plan will help to understand.4. Value:Survey around the critical element of value so that the team has a clear understanding of what drives the purchase, how customer needs are defined, and what customers are willing to pay for.Guidelines forSubmission: Milestone Twoshould follow these formatting guidelines: 3–5pages,double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and citations in APA format.


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