For this Assignment you will use SPSS (PASW) software and le

For this Assignment you will use SPSS (PASW) software and learn to properly manipulate data according to APA requirements. This is an important skill and will be a major factor in future Assignments in this course and in your Doctoral Study.To prepare for this Assignment, revisit Lessons 1–11 in the Green and Salkind (2017) text, with emphasis on Lesson 5. Review the SPSS Code Book document provided in the week’s Resources.By Day 7Submit a mock SPSS data file (.sav) based on the guidelines in the SPSS Code Book document provided in this week’s Resources. Note: You will be creating a data file consisting of the nine variables identified in the SPSS Code Book document. You will not input any data into the file.Unit 1, “Getting Started with SPSS” (pp. 1–20) Lesson 1, “Starting SPSS”Lesson 2, “The SPSS Main Menus and Toolbar”Lesson 3, “Using SPSS Help”Lesson 4, “A Brief SPSS Tour”Unit 2, “Creating and Working With Data Files” (pp. 21–44) Lesson 5, “Defining Variables”Lesson 6, “Entering and Editing Data”Lesson 7, “Inserting and Deleting Cases and Variables”Lesson 8, “Selecting, Copying, Cutting, and Pasting Data”Lesson 9, “Printing and Exiting an SPSS Data File”Lesson 10, “Exporting and Importing SPSS Data”Lesson 11, “Validating SPSS Data”


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