How would you estimate the beta for a publicly traded firm?

How would you estimate the beta for a publicly traded firm? For a private firm? Explain the difference between equity and enterprise cash flow? Does the application of the comparable companies’ valuation method require the addition of an acquisition premium? Why or why not?Why is it often more difficult to value privately owned companies than publicly traded firms? Give specific examples. Under what circumstances might it be more appropriate to use relative-valuation methods rather than the DCF approach? Be specific. Why is it important to restate financial statements provided to the acquirer by the target firm? Be specific.I found this interesting article that talks about valuing private companies. Please read it and post your thoughts: Class, here is an interesting article that pertains to one of this week’s topics and the merger and acquisition process in general. Please read it and post your thoughts here. can be 100 to 150 words – or less if an answer is fully explained.WORD document please


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