HubertoYou did a paper for me a couple of months ago. Every

Huberto,You did a paper for me a couple of months ago. Everything was finished except the last part of the paper. I have attached the paper that you previously did. How much would you charge to complete it. I’ll need it by tomorrow. The assignment is below. ThanksContinuing with the paper developed in Weeks One, Two, and Three, add an additional 2 to 3 pages (700 to 1,050 words) describing your plans for training employees and preparing them for system changeover. Include the following:Develop a schedule of activities to prepare for training and to conduct the training.Describe the resources that will be needed for training, including training materials, the training methods to be used, and training schedules for each of Brewton’s locations.Explain how training can be organized to provide training and keep the business operating.Prepare a 4- to 5-slide PowerPoint® presentation that will provide general information to the company employees about how the startup of the new system will affect them and what to expect in each of the stages of deployment.Prepare a project budget itemizing each area of expenditure required to complete the application implementation.Describe the proposed implementation project approval process, identifying stakeholders who will authorize the project team to go forward with the plan.


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