i already finish step1, 2, 3. From Research Essays to Re

i already finish step1, 2, 3. From Research Essays to ResearchPaperStep Four: Read the body paragraphs of Essay 3 and write a small sub-title for the essay. Try to capture the main idea of the essay in five words or less. Add this sub-title to the top of the essay. Do the same for Essays 4 and 5. Step Five: Add Essays 3, 4, and 5 to Essay 2 so that you have one document that starts with the body of Essay 2 and then has the sub-titled Essay 3, the sub-titled Essay 4, and the sub-titled Essay 5. Save this document!!! This is now the body of your research paper. Step Six: Read the complete body of your research paper and write/add a conclusion. You may go back to the file of essay conclusions from Step Two, but it may be best to write a new conclusion. Think of the body of your research paper as a word problem where Essay 2 plus Essay 3 plus Essay 4 plus Essay 5 add up to an important statement. Reflect upon what this research means. Why was it important and how does it impact the reader? Sum up the value of your research. When you are finished add this conclusion to the body of your research paper. Save the document!!! Step Seven: Add the complete Works Cited/Reference Page from Step Three to your research paper. Place it after your conclusion and save the document. Step Eight: Read the body of your research paper and the conclusion and then write an introduction. You may use some of the information from the file that you saved in Step One, but you may now see your paper in a different light and wish to compose a new intro. Notice that while the introduction is the first thing that the reader sees, it is the last thing that you are writing. Writing it in this order will help organize the introduction. Since you already know what the body of the research paper states, it should be easier to compose a thesis that hits the main points of the paper. Insert this introduction at the top of your research paper, above the body of what was Essay 2. Save the document. Step Nine: Add a title to the research paper. Follow the guidelines for the documentation system you are using. APA asks you for a title page, but MLA does not. Save the document and title it by your last name and research paper (for example, SmithResearchPapaer.docx). Step Ten: Proofread your paper several times. Check the paper for proper documentation format and citations. Check your Works Cited/Reference page for accuracy. When you are finished, upload the complete paper to Canvas under the Research Paper assignment.


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