I need a draft for IT research Please find the topic and th

I need a draft for IT research, Please find the topic and the outline in the attachment Prepare a three page draft of your paper and submit it here. Your draft should have the following -Page 1 should contain the Honor Code statement as given in paper specifications document.Page 2 should contain the headings and few lines of content beneath those headings. For example, heading 1 is Introduction, the content contains the introduction to your paper topic; heading 2 is Current Use, the content contains how and where the technology is used; heading 3 is for security aspects of your technology, heading 4 is for ethical and social implications related to your topic, and heading 5 is Future Use, the content contains how the technology will be used in future, and so on.Page 3 should contain references. Make sure you have met all paper specifications for the reference page – six annotated sources out of which three are from different source type.


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