I) Please write a critical essay (1500 words) on ‘ Begotten’

I) Please write a critical essay (1500 words) on ‘ Begotten’ by Andrew Hudgins (FIND IT ONLINE ) in addition to interpreting the poem (tone, setting, attitude, theme, symbols, metaphors, figurative speech), please address the following:Give a brief (1 – 2 paragraph) biography of the poet.Give a brief (1 – 2 paragraph) history of a) the poem’s subject and b) the time in which the poet lived (they are not necessarily one and the same).Discuss how the gender, social class, and cultural background of the poet influenced his attitude toward the subject of the poem.II) Subject : Finding the subject of a poem.The subject is more than what the poem is ‘about’. All poems have a message but the messages can be multiple and can be hidden. Respond to the following question: What is or are the subject(s) of ‘The Pardon’ by Richard Wilbur ( FINDE It ONLINE) ? How do you know this is the subject?III) Tone:Tone is how the poet feels about the subject of the poem. Tone also suggests the poet’s attitude toward the audience. It’s the emotional ‘weather’ of the poem. Poems can be very obvious in tone Respond to the following questions: What is the tone of ‘The Whipping’ by Robert Hayden ( FINDE It ONLINE) What changes in tone occur during the poem? Do the changes surprise you? How do they make you feel? IV) Final question: Why do you think you should pay attention to both the subject and the tone of a poem?


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