I think those question are based on the chapters I sent it t

I think those question are based on the chapters I sent it to you in previous question. 1 page long eachAPA styleQ.1THERE HAVE BEEN MANY TREATMENT CHANGES OVER THE YEARS. WHAT IS YOUR REACTION TO THE CHANGES? ARE SOME OF THE CHANGES NEGATIVE? WHAT KEEPS SOME PEOPLE FROM ACCESSING TREATMENT?q2.THE PROFESSIONS HAVE TENDED TO CONVERGE OVER THE YEARS. WHAT DO YOU SEE AS THE BENEFITS OF THIS? ARE THERE DRAWBACKS?q3. Rospond to classmate (nice paragraph)RE: PROFESSIONS CONVERGECOLLAPSE Over the past few years I have seen a more holistic and nutritional approach merge with counseling and psychology in general. The field of health psychology is a perfect example of two professions merging. From this merger I feel there are positives and negative. A positive would be that another outlet for symptom relief and management has been created for patients. Also, this merger brings experts from fields that would not typically communicate together to form more collaborative ideas. From these ideas we have gained considerable knowledge about how food, meditation, physical health, and emotional health all relate to one another. Additionally, without the merger of these two professions counselors may forget about the impact of physical health on emotional health (and vice versa for nutritionists forgetting to address one’s mental health). The merging of these two fields allows patients to be viewed in a more holistic manner. Also, when counselors are aware of health psychology then a patient can eliminate seeing yet another person (like a nutritionist) to help address issues. While the merging of these two fields has many positives, there are a few negatives. With so many different types of therapy out there it may take longer for a patient to be matched up with therapy that works for them. Also, with health psychology becoming a buzz work people who are not trained enough may attempt to use its main points without know how to really use them. Additionally, a nutritionist may attempt to tackle some emotion problems they can not do alone.q4. Rospond to classmate (nice paragraph)RE: TREATMENT CHANGESCOLLAPSECompared to the past, I am happier with the treatment changes that have happened over the years. Reading how people with mental illness would be locked up in chains blows my mind. Also, I always find movies that have scenes where they would use shock therapy on patients unsettling. Even though treatment may not be perfect now I think it is better and more appropriate than before. However, I do not know if treatment will ever be perfect. Each person responds to treatment differently and a form of treatment may be perfect for one person, but imperfect for another. I think some treatments are still pretty negative. For instance, when I was working at a mental health facility a few of the patients who were being treated for schizophrenia were on medications that had an increased chance of getting Alzheimer’s. Some people still have a bias outlook towards seeking therapy. Because of this, people are not getting access to the treatment they need. Also, some people do not have insurance or the right resources to get treatment. Hopefully, in the future, this can change and the outlook on getting therapy becomes universally more positive.


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