Imagine that you are tasked with developing a training and d

Imagine that you are tasked with developing a training and development plan for an advertising firm. The training plan should ensure that your business strategies and priorities are aligned. The report should capture recent trends in organizational training and explain how organizations use training to gain competitive advantage. Stakeholders within the organization are not convinced of the value of onboarding as they are interested in starting new employees as soon as possible due to organizational pressure to get mission-critical work accomplished. These stakeholders will need a business case for onboarding as well as team training and cross training.Create a training and development plan that includes trends in training, onboarding, team training, and cross-cultural training.Write a report in no more than 200 words that includes the following components:Cross-training alternativesIn addition, Can you write a very short intro and conclusion. The other 3 topics that I have already completed are Current trends in organizational trainingRole and importance of onboarding new employeesTeam training methodsI have attached the paper thus far. I just need the Cross Training part added along with an intro and conclusion.


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