In responding to your classmates discuss if the division of

In responding to your classmates, discuss if the division of power between the states and national government is now out of balance. If so, what steps can we take to restore the balance? Where do we draw the line between the national government providing a uniform set of conditions for all citizens and being intrusive? Classmate DiscussionThe Articles of Confederation was our first Constitution and the initial attempt to form a new government that resulted in failure by been to weak. Several factors lead to its down fall, factors like no system of federal courts that could handle disputes especially between states, no executive branch which meant no president, levying taxes, Congress could ask the states but it could not force tax and no army, Congress could not draft troops to raise an army.The US Constitution was created with the intent of separation of power and federalism, it called for three separate branches: Legislative Branch, Executive Branch and Judicial Branch, a system with checks and balances that ensures no one Branch has more power that the others. With the Constitution created the federal government is the supreme law of the land, Congress can regulate trades between states and they can also raise an army, while the executive branch is headed by a President.Reference:Articles of Confederation. (n.d.). U.S. Constitution.…


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